Strategy & Tactics.

A solid well over a decade of experience with all military branches. Developing the latest in strategy and tactics prominently for special forces units. As well as developing military hardware such as armour, camouflage and tracking and guidance systems.

Most of my work is currently being used throughout the most modern military. Anything from counterinsurgency to training special forces in 3rd world countries to military analytics. With such vast experience, I am considered one of the most prominent experts in my field.

  • Squad & Small unit tactics.
  • High performance and lightweight vehicle armour; LCA/MLCA.
  • APFSDS Penetrator/Armor piercing round; V-Carbide.
  • Carrier multi-purpose task group.
  • Dogfighting & over the-horizon tactics.
  • Sniper doctrine; Combat sniping.
  • Command Structure; HCB, HCC, HCT.
  • Drone support on Companie or Battalion level.
  • Special Forces training and doctrines.
  • CCB Battery aka Artillery Jaegers.
  • Strongpoint and Defense for area control.
  • Static vehicle protection against man-portable AT weapons.
  • High-performance camouflage, Project Ghost.
  • Range & Target acquisition device for JTAC
  • Seaborn SF operations HUB, LSAD(Light Special Assault Deck).
  • Entry and Hostage Rescue techniques.
  • Hellcat MGS; MBT/TD vehicle.

Wide range of military formations in active use today. Either from the ground-up concept or derived from other concepts like the Knight Raiders Special Warfare Division & Brigades.

  • Marine Raiders; USMC.
  • Battalion Tactical Group; Russian Army.
  • Modernized Motorised Division; Russian Army.
  • Rapid Deployment Brigades; Japanese Army.
  • Deep Strike Brigade; British Army.
  • Group de Combat; French Army.
  • Rapid Response Brigades; NATO.
  • Papua New Genuea Armed Forces restructure.
  • Airborne Armored Companies; US Army.
  • Shock Battalions DPR & LPR.
  • HCB/HCC/HCT restructure of command elements.
Science & Engineering.

Advances in the military field with a passion for experimental physics have also aided in various sciences and engineering projects. Such a newly designed armour can double as a heat shield for re-entry. And a new tracking system is being used in radio-astronomy.

Besides the overlap with work, space(travel) and physics have always interested me. This, in turn, got me involved with research in the aforementioned fields. Either being an author or co-author on various white papers, theories and paradigms. The most well-known work is in the field of black holes.

  • Blackholes R&D
  • Space Travel R&D
  • FTL & FTT R&D
  • Thorium Reactor R&D
  • High tensile & thermal performance materials.
Unit 666.

Founding member of a PMC specializing in special forces operations called Unit 666. Performing a wide range of tasks with doctrines, strategies & tactics. The PMC has seen action in places like Libya, Syria, Africa etc. While most information remains private or classified to protect the identity and wellbeing of the members of Unit 666. Some notable actions are the raid in Syria on the compound of Abu Bakr, the former leader of ISIS, providing sniper overwatch for US forces in conjunction with Russian forces. Another notable raid was the four-man raid on a mortar position shelling the US embassy in Libya, Tripoli. As depicted in the movie 13 Hours. Another less known action is rescuing a French journalist in Syria from ISIS. Working with the coalition against ISIS, Pesh-Merga and FSA in the fight against ISIS and various other operations worldwide. Unit 666 is also an e-sports community headed by yours truly as a form of outreach and PR.

Family History, Personal Achievements.
Displayed above is a Youtube playlist with honourable mentions in various fields. From 1982 and onwards are my achievements, accolades etc. Anything before 1982 is part of the Family history.

But that is not all I also like to day and swing trade on the stock market as well as the crypto market. Passing on my knowledge to both civilians and members of the military. Spreading financial freedom around the world while making a pretty penny for myself.

In the stock market, I mostly trade tech and crypto-related stocks. In crypto, I manage my own diverse portfolio with the biggest interest in DeFi, layer one solutions and their eco-systems. I am real support for DeFi and various other benefits Crypto offers to the public in an age of inflation and debasement of the currency. Crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano. While not being a market without its risk the Crypto market when more mature should offer great benefits to everyone.