In my free time, I am an advent gamer and I excel in FPS & Tactical shooters in PvP and PvE. While also enjoying a wide range of Strategy games. And MMORPG games if they combine the aforementioned elements. Besides gaming, I enjoy working on my websites and writing articles related to technology such as overclocking of a wide range of PC components.

You can find out more if you visit my primary website hisevilness.com where I do most of my writing under my nickname/avatar HisEvilnes.

As my work is to some extent tied to my online gaming as I can port this over I have made name for myself in the online gaming world and to some extent the real world. A roughly 1500m quick scope rifle flip in Post Sciptum was used as a render in the series “Man in the High Castle” in the part where Nazi forces are assaulting alone the train tracks. Called out by Nazi combatants as “scharfsch├╝tze”

A Cobra dogfighting manoeuvre as seen in Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruz and the Star Citizen ad for the Super Hornet referenced to F22 Air Dominance Fighter.

A trick shot at a long distance of about 800m. On a T90 in Squad with a Carl Gustav launcher re-enacted by US Army commandos hitting a group of insurgents at a very long range under the “call sign” Fox 2. Were Fox 2 was called out by yours truly on comms when taking the shot.

In the Amazon series The Expanse, a reference was made to an FPS tactic I like to use in 0 G being upside down inside a spaceship in Star Citizen locking down a choke point. Here the reference is a UN Marine detachment assaulting a cargo ship captured by Belters with the Marines using an entry technique short corner/long corner.

In Cyberpunk 2077 the character V is based on me with a wide range of references, V stems from the nickname VOC_Silver from EVE Online shortened by my old org mates McLenin666 & Isaac to V.

In John Wick 2 a reenactment of my pistol whip from Squad taking down 4 targets in about 3 seconds is referenced in the Museum Scene.

In the Outpost, multiple scenes were referenced from Squad gameplay by actual soldiers. Notable scenes here is a quick scope over the other soldier head in Squad. And please do not try this at home this is very dangerous. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvBMwLnv_wY

For more information use the links below for various social platforms including my other website.