My work mostly consists of devising new tactics in the counter-terrorism field for various special forces units in NATO, the Russian Federation, and many others. I also provide assistance to other military branches to provide guidance and feedback.

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Liesure Time

In my free time, I am an advent gamer and pc hardware enthusiast you can find me behind my desk either working on overclocking or applying my tactics in various online PvP games.

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Unit 666

Founded a special forces unit and as with many such units, I ported it to an online gaming community reflecting the excellence of the original Unit 666 to a tight-knit gaming community.

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Since 1993

Paul in short.

I mainly as stated above work in the military field providing strategy and tactics in the global fight against terrorism. Mostly known for my work with special forces and local forces combating terrorism on the global stage. With some minor work relating to the other branches of the military. In the future, I am also considering teaching on various military officer and NCO academy's and courses.

As stated above I mostly work with special forces and provide framework tactics that can be iterated upon in the field and adjust accordingly. Some examples would be "Short corner/Long corner" entry tactic/technique another example is "Alpha strike" a hostage rescue tactic.

The field does not come with many prices so my greatest price and achievement I have an impeccable record of having zero friendly KIA's and wide adoption of all my tactics. And that even through personal sacrifice I have managed to save countless lives.

Project Ghost Woodland camouflage.