Some quick answers to some common questions.

 Political affiliation?

I prefer to stay away from politics as it tends to complicate matters and I have established that doing my job is best served without it.

 Holding political office?

No, I do not seek to hold office in any capacity.

 Seeking regular employment?

Currently, I do not seek permanent employment staying independent has served me well and I consider it to be a better career option.

Some quick answers to some common questions.

 Family Colors?

For slightly under a decade the same colors remain, Primary color: #000000 , Secondary color: #660000 , Accent color: #ffffff


Crack pipe?

 Nicknames and related items seem a bit macabre?

A reflection method to deal with undesired and unwarranted harassment such as apparently bursting into flames when getting to close to a church. My work reflects my character, my nickname reflects flipping the bird to the ignorant.

 What is the animation on the front of your page?

The animation is one of my fondest childhood memories where a flight sim was released called F-22 Raptor Air Dominance fighter that included some metrics to test the flight controls for the current F-22 and during dogfighting I figured out how to pull a Cobra maneuver. That is a special maneuver to shake a tailing aircraft and reverse the odds only known by pilots of the Russian Airforce. The animation itself is from one of my favorite games called Star Citizen full credit goes to them for the excellent representation.